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*In-game text is in french

*Submission for the 14th edition of the Creative Jam, presented by OSSimTech

In Crunch Hour, you play as a student with a lot of work left to do and very little time left to do it.

You will need to manage your school work and your sleep schedule on 2 different screens.

On the first screen you solve sliding puzzles to complete your homework.

On the second screen you navigate a labyrinth to optimize your sleep.

But you don't have enough time to do it all, manage your time and priorities.

For the intended experience you should place both of your screens far from each other, forcing you to move between both games physically.


Puzzle: Mouse click to slide a piece

Labyrinth: WASD or Arrows to move


Chloé Champoux-Rhéaume - Art

Kyan Daigneault - Art

Jimmy Cao - Sound Design

Xavier Martel-Lachance - Game Design

Gabriel Bradley - Game and Level Design

Sandro Gloria-Glomski - Programmation and Game Design

Caroline Palardy - Programmation and Game Design


CrunchHourV03.7z 25 MB
CrunchHourV04.7z 42 MB

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